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Parachute Ottawa Posted by: Parachute Ottawa 5 months ago

When it comes to skydiving, cost can feel a little bit overwhelming sometimes. The experience is already a big one in a number of ways, and adding more to it with skydiving videos might seem over the top. But actually, that’s the whole reason why getting a video of your tandem skydive is important. Skydiving is a profound and significant experience that comes with so many different emotions and goes by in a flash – without video, it’s impossible to remember the details! Getting skydiving video will help you preserve everything you loved about and learned through the experience. 

Female tandem skydiving student in freefall with blue sky and puffy white clouds

So, is skydiving video worth it? Take a look at all the reasons springing for the video is most definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Reliving the Thrill

Skydiving is unlike anything your brain or body has experienced before. The adrenaline, the altitude, and the sensory overload is what makes skydiving so exciting – and it’s also what makes the whole thing a bit of a blur. Your brain will be moving so fast trying to take everything in that you’ll find you’ve lost some details in the process. 

That’s where your professional skydiving video comes in. Every moment of your skydive will be captured in an emotional time capsule that you will have forever. You’ll be able to relive your epic jump as many times as you want to once the real thing is over. 

Being able to see yourself in freefall at 120 mph will trigger the memory of how it felt to exit the plane and fly over the glittering Ottawa and Madawaska rivers. You’ll be instantly transported back to the moment you harnessed your courage and soared through the enormous blue sky. And viewing the jump from an outside perspective will show you the magnitude of what you accomplished but couldn’t see as the person experiencing it first hand!

The video you’ll get from the professionals at Parachute Ottawa will document every detail and nuance of your day with us. Our videographers are highly experienced and skilled. They won’t miss a scream or a smile. You might even notice things in the video that slipped by in real life! 

Memories fade, but videos last forever!

Sharing the Experience

Tandem skydivers and instructors celebrating on the ground before skydiving at Parachute Ottawa

Not everyone has the gusto required to jump out of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground. And that’s ok! With a skydiving video, you can share your adventure with all of the people who opted to keep their feet on the ground. 

Sharing your skydiving video with friends and family allows the people you love to share in your once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s a special joy and sense of pride that comes from being able to connect through amazing experiences, and showing them your video does just that. 

Whether you’re trying to convince a friend to come with you next time or to impress a height-phobic family member how brave you are, your skydiving video is proof-positive documentation of how much fun you had jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. They get a glimpse into your experience and can’t help but utter many of the things you uttered during your skydive, probably along the lines of: Yikes! WOW! Oh my goodness! Yayyyy!

Your skydiving video also gives you the goods for social media. If you don’t post about it, did it really happen? You’ll be able to blast your skydiving video out to all of your followers so that they can share in your experience, too. And, if we’re being real, you’ll probably impress your crush or that secondary school frenemy by showcasing how cool you are. (Don’t forget your hashtags! #ParachuteOttawa)

A Testament to Courage

Sure, it’s great to relive and share your experience with all the world, but your skydiving video actually serves a greater purpose. Skydiving – even once – will change your life, and your video is a testament to your courage and achievement. 

You. Jumped. Out. Of. An. Airplane. 

That’s no small feat. Your video serves as a memento of that life-changing moment. 

When you leave that airplane door, you’ll have pushed your boundaries beyond your wildest dreams. The confidence you’ll feel after touching back down will stay with you for the rest of your life. Being able to literally look back on your extraordinary day will no doubt be a treasured keepsake.  

If you ever need a reminder of just how fierce you are, watching yourself fly through the air kilometers above the Earth would be just the ticket!

Tandem skydiving student fist bumping a videographer in freefall over Parachute Ottawa in Ontario

What You’re Really Paying For

Okay, so emotions aside, what does skydiving video really include? Parachute Ottawa offers two packages to accommodate different wants and budgets:

Package OptionsPrice
Basic Package – Video & Stills with Outside Video$170
Premium Package – Video & Stills with Outside Video & Selfie$245

The Basic Package includes both video and stills, meaning you’ll get a full video and a bunch of pictures to share. A videographer will exit the plane with you and your instructor and fly alongside you during freefall until the parachute opens. After that, the videographer will open their own parachute and meet you when you land. 

The Premium Package includes all the same things as the Basic, but adds a selfie camera. This little camera is attached to your tandem instructor’s wrist and gets a close up view of all the action, including video of you once you’re under an open parachute. SO worth it!

A skydiving video is an investment with mega returns. Come jump with us and get some of that sweet footage! Blue skies.

Tandem skydiving student and instructor smiling while in freefall over Parachute Ottawa skydiving centre
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