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Your Questions, Answered

General Questions

Is there a minimum age requirement for learning how to skydive?

Is there a maximum age requirement for learning to skydive?

Is there a weight restriction?

I have a disability. Can I learn to skydive?

How do I learn to skydive?

How many skydiving certifications are there?

What if there is bad weather?

What should I wear?

Will I learn to pack in my learn to skydive course?

Do you offer gift certificates?

PFF Questions

What’s the difference between PFF, Static Line training and IAD?

Do I have to make a tandem jump before enrolling in PFF?

How much does PFF cost?

Can I jump solo after I finish PFF?

What’s the PFF course schedule?

How do I enroll in PFF?

Can I cancel my PFF course reservation?

A-Program Questions

Do I have to get my A CoP?

What are the benefits of having the A CoP?

Do I have to have my Solo CoP before enrolling in the A Program?

How much does the A Program cost?

What’s the A Program training schedule?

How do I enroll in the A Program?

Can I reschedule an A Program reservation?

Can I withdraw from the A Program?

What do I do after I earn my A CoP?

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Tandem skydiving student and instructor smiling while in freefall over Parachute Ottawa skydiving centre
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