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Next. Level. Amazing.

Get Licensed to Fly

  • Jump with other A CoP holders

  • Participate in water jumps

  • Get sign-off from your certified peers

  • Participate in provincial and national competitions

  • Participate in night jumps

What to Expect

Level 1: Evaluation of Novice Skill Level

Show your stuff! Demonstrate the exit, freefall, breakoff, and canopy skills you mastered while working toward your Solo CoP.

Level 2: Docking Basics

Build your skydiving knowledge base! Work on your freefall stability and your level and proximity for approach. Dock! Rinse and repeat til you’ve got it.

Level 3: Levels

Develop your exit strategy; learn the mechanics of tracking; work on turns, up/down movements and different flight modes; and become one with your brakes.

Level 4: Track Jump

Master the art of tracking! Conquer the basics, heighten your awareness and efficiency, and fly perpendicular to the jump run. Practice that sweet spot too.

Level 5: 2 Points Docking

Advance your docking skills by creating the star formation and the open accordion formation with your coach. You’ll also get an intro to stalling. So. Awesome.

Level 6: 3 Points Docking

Jump with two coaches to achieve the three-point star and open accordion, and up your canopy piloting game by adding harness turns to your bag of tricks.

Level 7: Dive Basics & Knee Turns

Finesse your dive exit with maintained visuals, level, proximity, presentation and timing; free up your hands with knee turns; and practice the low-turn recovery.

Level 8: Evaluation Jump

This is it! Put it all together to earn the endorsement you’ve worked so hard for - and then prepare to sit your A CoP exam! Permission for takeoff is in reach!
Licensed skydiver in freefall over Parachute Ottawa in Canada

A Program Pricing

8-Level Training Program | $1,200

  • Includes 8 planned jumps

  • Gear not included

  • Re-jumps require additional payment

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